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My XFCE Desktop

XFCE Screenshots by 7viser
This is my XFCE setup. I like clean layouts and dark themes. XFCE is extremely customizable and snappy and I always come back to it. Even though I don't like Windows very much, I do like the clean square lines in the UI. That's why I have used the Windows 10 theme here. Fonts: Roboto Icon...
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Sep 27 2020

My KDE Plasma Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by wassimhb
My KDE Plasma desktop using the nordic theme (best theme ever created). For the terminal I'm using the zsh shell, tweaked it by setting up OhMyZsh & PowerLevel10K. For the Code-OSS theme i'm using nord theme and for the font I'm using Monaco font. For the icons I'm using Ult-Plata-Dk-Papirus.
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Sep 14 2020

My KDE Plasma Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by OlliFri
My KDE Plasma Desktop. Files for Installation are here
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Sep 09 2020

Cub Linux Style available for download xfce panel profile

XFCE Screenshots by neon
Xubuntu 20.04 with a look like Cub Linux. WM Theme: Qogir-light Theme: Qogir-light Icons: Tela-circle Plank: cublinux Panel background: black transparent ==================================== Require Plank Dock! This is my custom xfce panel profile - Look like Cub Linux Style -...
linux unix screenshot xfce
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Aug 22 2020

Xubuntu 20.04 Custom Desktop

XFCE Screenshots by jolimar
This is my custom xfce desktop!! - A mix of Greybird theme with slightly darkened McOS-XFCE-EDITION xfwm ( - Transparent panel - Papirus icon theme (cyan folders) - ElementaryOS plank theme - Wallpaper of - Global...
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Jul 10 2020


XFCE Screenshots by mmolch
My clean desktop theme that allows me to focus on my work. Theme:
linux unix screenshot xfce
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Jul 07 2020


Window-Manager Screenshots by davem82
BasicLinux on an embedded 33MHz 486 machine with 16MB of RAM and 20MB drive running JWM and XFM.
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Jun 05 2020

Minimal and informative design

KDE Plasma Screenshots by enkymarte
This is a minimal design ... The main pieces are: side panel and on the top panel a button (toggle panel button) ( to toggle its visibility.
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May 22 2020


KDE Plasma Screenshots by lorendb
This is my Mac-like setup. I used the McMojave global theme with the Os-Catalina icon pack. I manually set the Plasma style to McMojave as well. I installed Slingscold (from the bionic sources) for my Launchpad alternative and Kpple Menu for my system menu. I also have the Inline Battery widget...
linux unix screenshot kde plasma
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May 19 2020

My Xubuntu Desktop

XFCE Screenshots by kadnass-dz
Theme Greybird-dark : Eyes - xfce4-eyes-plugin : Icon : Terminal bash :
linux unix screenshot xfce
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May 14 2020