My Mint Cinnamon
Cinnamon Screenshots
Score 50%

Definetly is my favourite config at this moment
Admnistrator gksu nemo
file manager nautilus (gnome-tweak-tool desktop icons off)
System Info neofetch script runing with lxterminal bash command
Sensors idem
Confidential veracrypt

To use Gluqlo Screensaver you need to uninstall xscreensaver all from Mint Package Manager
EXCEPT screensaver-cinnamon
then in terminal
sudo aptitude install xscreensaver
and sudo aptitude install xscreensaver-data

create a startup application to be runned with this command
xscreensaver -nosplash

some preview here on youtube - the quality can heart your eyes - blurry
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updated Aug 06 2017
added Aug 05 2017
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