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i've been searching for iOS icons for days and here's what i got. i revamped some of them so they would look glossy and shiny. i don't know if anyone's ever done this on Ubuntu before, but i can't seem to find any iconset or theme that uses the original iOS icons. OS X icons maybe but not iOS... the Faenza icons look pretty close, but i didn't like them that much. i don't know if the people who actually made the original ones would get mad or something if they see this. well if u find ur work here and don't like that i used them, please email me or just leave comments. if most of u who viewed this page think it's awesome then i'll release the whole iconset when i'm done. even though i haven't really done anything hard work, finding those icons wasn't that easy... anyways, enjoy! :)

the full desktop screenshots exceeded the file size limit so i cant upload them.
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