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Black and stylish theme for the KDE desktop. It uses QTCurve as the basis, I hope I saved all the resources into the .zip file - report it here if something relevant is missing, I\'m still a bit n00bzor in Kubuntu so I don\'t know all the files that should be included to reconstruct the look. ^^

I\'m working on an icon theme for this look, a sneak peek is on the kmenu and system icons but I\'m not sure if I\'ll ever finish the job - so many icons to do ... but I\'ll release it here if I get to the point where I have at least 50 of the most important icons.

Feel free to mod the look and posting it here (or elsewhere). This is free stuff albeit CC.

Hmmm.. I probably should mention that there are some things that I couldn't change, like some input fields right now in firefox (they're black with black text) and tooltips, those are still bright yellow with white text. Couldn't find that settings anywhere.


8 years ago

Oh look! We are trying to copy the latest 'vertical folder' look from Vista!! How useless! How copycat! How 'me-too'!




7 years ago

Awesome troll is awesome.

Luckily the icons have nothing to do with the theme.



9 years ago

This look really fantastic.

I'm new here..

can you provide.. me some configure stuff to apply this theme on my PC.



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