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Splash Os

KDE Plasma Screenshots by sajith
Latest Splash Os Build 20215
splash linux unix screenshot kde plasma
May 03 2021

Splash Os

KDE Plasma Screenshots by sajith
Splash Os screen shot
linux unix screenshot kde plasma
Apr 04 2021

Trinity Desktop Collections

KDE 3.5 Themes by francescobat
I’m not the author of the themes. The icons have been adapted to use with Trinity desktop, but they also work with gtk2 applications and maybe some gtk2 desktops like lxde and maybe even with others. The icons have been adapted thanks to the Standard Icon Theming Specification...
crystal nuvola noia tango linux unix theme kde3
Mar 27 2021

xfce4 round panel screenshoot

XFCE Screenshots by sasvi
Clean look of xfce4 desktop with round panel. Here is the link of how to make xfce4 panel with rounded corners: [url][/url] [b]Wallpaper:[/b] [url][/url] [b]Donation:[/b] All of my products are available for free. If you...
round panel xfce4 clean minimalism linux unix screenshot xfce
Feb 21 2021

Gnome Screenshots

Gnome Screenshots by nickfornickname
1) Dark grayish blue screenshot Shell theme: Frieze by nuxio (modified) GTK3 theme: Zukitwo by lassekongo83 Icons: Faenza Icons by tiheum 2) Geometric rainbow screenshot Shell theme: Copernico by mgyugcha (modified) GTK3 theme: Numix by satya164 Icons: Numix-Circle by me4oslav...
gnome gnomeshell screenshot linux unix
Feb 16 2021

My Workstation

KDE Plasma Screenshots by iicore
Arch Linux - KDE Plasma 5.20.5 Ultra Widescreen 3440x144 Plasma Theme: Breeze Dunkel (Breeze
linux unix screenshot kde plasma
Feb 06 2021

Plasma screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by sajith
customize kde plasma desktop
screenshot linux unix kde plasma
Feb 07 2021

BackBox Linux

XFCE Screenshots by mohamedanis
This is a screenshot for BackBox Linux With Plank Installed. XFCE Desktop.
backbox linux hacker xfce wallpaper unix screenshot
Feb 05 2021

Old Plastic

KDE Plasma Screenshots by bunnymnemonic
Showcase for a custom Aurorae + Color Scheme combo.
non-flat auroare linux unix screenshot kde plasma
Jan 13 2021

Deepin - Black and Yellow theme

Deepin Screenshots by Thalic
Deepin with Summer Icon Set (not released yet).
deepin yellow black linux unix screenshot
Dec 17 2020