Bspwm greatness with Polybar 1.0

Window-Manager Screenshots by dimmed
My current Arch Linux Setup with bspwm. See it on action https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn/comments/c2zq8x/bspwm_the_thing_about_bspwm_1_week_migrated_from/ \* Font : [mononoki Nerd Font](https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/tree/master/patched-fonts/Mononoki) \* Icon Font :...
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Jun 20 2019

sawfish-window 1.0

Window-Manager Screenshots by clemencyworld1
This screenshot shows my desktop with sawfish window manager theme i created (my first sawfish theme). It is a window-manager setup based on AntiX core with conky, spacefm, firefox-esr, xterm and lxappearance showing on the screen. The wallpaper is from one of my gimp play-off. Oh!, not...
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Jan 21 2019

i3 and Zsh setups of Brenton Horne (fuse809/fusion809) 1.0

Window-Manager Screenshots by fuse809
This is simply what my i3 set up looks like. One screenshot also shows my Zsh themes hornix (Gentoo terminal), hfulldate (Tumbleweed terminal) and hcompact (Arch terminal). My Zsh themes can be found here: https://github.com./fusion809/zsh-theme. My i3 configs can be found here:...
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Sep 22 2018

A Pleasing Setup

Window-Manager Screenshots by phob1an
As I was working, I stopped and thought "this is a pleasing setup". So then I spammed this shot.
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Aug 11 2018

i3wm - Oxide v1.0

Window-Manager Screenshots by dikiaap
A set of i3wm stacks for i3 window manager users and others.Packages: • i3 • i3blocks • Rofi • Dunst • picom • Vim • ZshSource code:https://github.com/dikiaap/dotfiles
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Feb 17 2018

My first openbox setup

Window-Manager Screenshots by stinkyanon
My first try at openbox on my arch machine. Im liking it so far.
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Jan 29 2016


Window-Manager Screenshots by Huku9H1F
Openbox on Arch running apps: tint2, Conky, PCmanFM, FoobnixGTK2/GTK3/Openbox theme see http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/3spr3sso?content=162127Wallpaper Pink stripes http://box-look.org/content/show.php/Pink+stripes?content=162264 The turtle comes...
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Dec 12 2013


Window-Manager Screenshots by paudelanup
My Openbox.
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Nov 13 2013

Isotope - Steampunked

Window-Manager Screenshots by rvc-2011
Please follow the download link to have a look at the screenshot details. I have used Rainmeter (under wine) in place of conky
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Mar 30 2013

Openbox (ED) Above the Clouds

Window-Manager Screenshots by rvc-2011
My current Openbox.... Inspired by the awesome wall and an equally awesome gtk by nale12.... complete details can be had on the download link.... i am using rainmeter in pcbsd (conky is still not up to the mark :( )
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Mar 01 2013