My Linux Mint

Cinnamon Screenshots by sockney
My desktop on Linux Mint 6 "felicia.
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Mar 26 2009

My Mint-mac

Cinnamon Screenshots by ggmteam
This is my desktop right now. Its mac like style. Ask me all you want. Bye
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Mar 09 2009

New Linux Mint

Cinnamon Screenshots by osqui
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Jan 07 2009

XFCE + OpenBox

Cinnamon Screenshots by xaer0knight
Linux Mint XFCE CE running Conky, Wbar, and OpenBox
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Nov 09 2008

Mint on Acer 5315

Cinnamon Screenshots by stef4001
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Nov 07 2008

My Mint

Cinnamon Screenshots by Xsoldier2000
My Minty Freshness Desktop: System Stats is Conky Theme is Moomex Wallpaper is Farmhouse (http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/details.php?id=1545) Using AWN
Score 50.0%
Oct 30 2008

my linux mint desktop

Cinnamon Screenshots by linuxferret
my current mint desktop using elegant brit theme. added a few handy screenlets too. quite happy with it, very clean and elegant i think, but then you may beg to differ!
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Sep 26 2008

my current mint environment

Cinnamon Screenshots by commonslaughter
I change my settings and themes pretty often, but heres a couple of screen shots
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Aug 11 2008

my Mint Desktop

Cinnamon Screenshots by haruspexed
my mint current desktop with rhythmbox and rhythmbox plugin for desktopcover
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Aug 02 2008

My Dark Theme

Cinnamon Screenshots by keepmehandy
My mint desktop based on aurora-midnight
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Jul 29 2008