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Mar 22 2010

Mac OS X emulation

Cinnamon Screenshots by bjamison
This is a picture of Linux Mint that has been tweaked to look like Mac. I followed the instructions from gekos.
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Feb 09 2010

Grey Mint

Cinnamon Screenshots by teseglet
piecesparts and tweaks. lagadesk-monochrome was the only theme, emerald window and icons that integrate well with google chrome. modified darkcandy gnomenu, Mint logo modified into grey gnomenu button and modified crystals2 wallpaper. I think the panel was from sea2k64
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Feb 03 2010

mint osx

Cinnamon Screenshots by djwyman
I usually use Mac computers but I bought a hp mini netbook and I hate windows so I installed linux mint 8 and made it look like a Mac by using cairo dock, global menu, and the mac4lin project but with a little touch of mint buy making a green version of the mac wallpaper with the mint logo to it.
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Jan 10 2010

Mint 8 + Conky

Cinnamon Screenshots by krashlc3
My new conky! =)
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Dec 29 2009

mint netbook remix

Cinnamon Screenshots by chaadaev
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Dec 26 2009


Cinnamon Screenshots by chaadaev
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Dec 19 2009

Linux Mint Netbook Remix

Cinnamon Screenshots by SynGates
A Linux Mint 8 Main Edition modified to run and look like (GNOME) Ubuntu Netbook Remix, mail me for a how-to. :)
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Dec 06 2009

My Green Linux

Cinnamon Screenshots by leonidas79
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Nov 16 2009

Mint green theme

Cinnamon Screenshots by dakal
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Oct 24 2009